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Sigh Seriously tho, I have a feeling u kinda did this in a rush. Lady artemis and lord us percy jackson fanfic chapter i return of a maiden s love percy jackson fanfiction on hold the seventh child percy jackson fanfic fanfiction net son of chaos husband artemis chapter one wattpad. Reading about nico di angelo fanfiction All The Goddesses Want Percy Fanfiction Annabeth turns into a baby fanfiction Thanatoss95 Fanfiction Truth or dare heroes of olympus a collection of leyna one shots warning fluffy percy percyxreyna fanfiction percy annabeth smarer fanfiction. Then, to assuage this feeling, I set out to read some fanfiction about it, and realized that almost no one has ever gotten past Reyna. Percy and Annabeth AN I’ve been so tempted to write Percabeth knew their daughter would attract monsters, so when Hestia offered to help they accepted. What will the future hold for them when Annabeth brings her daughter to camp half blood? Annabeth and Percy haven’t seen each other in years, Annabeth has a secret, she was pregnant with Percy’s child but didn’t tell him. Thanatoss95 Fanfiction Truth or dare heroes of olympus a collection of leyna one shots warning fluffy percy percyxreyna fanfiction percy annabeth smarer fanfiction. Will this be an easy job or will a certain Black complicate things Read Chapter 1 from the story Percy and Annabeth’s Daughter by EmieRosie15 with reads.

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It all begun with this simple phrase, she never told him why she wanted to dump him, she just did. When he asked why, she just said that he wouldn’t understand before leaving like that, like everything they’ve been through didn’t matter to her. Honestly, Percy thinked he heard his heart shatter when his wise girl, who he thought was going to be the love of his life, told him that.

At first he thought it was just in his head but now three weeks have passed and he could still hear it crumble into millions of pieces.

Percy jackson and artemis dating fanfiction – hookup to relationship! #wattpad #fanfiction Editing & Reconstruction IN PROGRESS Apollo is very unlucky when it comes. Artikel von Fated Love(Percy Jackson Fanfic and Apollo Love Story)✓ – X. Apollo and the moon chariot incident part Artemis and Apollo​.

I hope I managed to keep Artemis in-character as much as I could. I’m pretty rusty in the PJO fandom haven’t been writing here for a while , so apologies if I don’t get it exactly right here. Hope you enjoy! Artemis couldn’t be more humiliated when she faced her brother, who was struggling not to snicker at her pathetic looking expression. She had lost to him, and worse, beaten at her own game.

The Goddess of the Hunt, defeated in a hunting game by Apollo. It took all her willpower not to cover her face in embarrassment in front of her brother. Artemis knew that he was trying not to laugh, it only made her even more infuriated. And it wasn’t like she could answer him, either. She, in her sheer confidence over her domain, had already sworn a two way bet on the Styx with Apollo.

Basically, if Artemis won, Apollo would be forced to do one thing for her — but if Apollo won, it would be the opposite. The proud Huntress knew she shouldn’t have done it, but with a game of hunting that she excelled in… not to mention the possibility of shutting Apollo up forever

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Hope you like it. Artemis’s POV “No. But ever since Annabeth broke his heart and he had accepted being made a God. She had been spending more and more time with Percy and even her Hunters were starting to notice. Yes Lieutenant Grace?

But what happens when Apollo starts to date a certain demigod? But the Really​, I lied to Artemis, and for once, she bought it. I was in love.

As I was making my daily rounds, I passed one of my kids houses: Kate Matthew’s. She was from North Carolina, and, like all Hermes kids, she was a bit on the wild side, but secretly, she was my favorite. I flew to the doorstep and knocked. Her mom, Lisa, opened the door. I was just cooking some mashed potatoes, green beans, pork chops, and mac-and-cheese.

You want to stay and eat?

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And then I saw two stories where Apollo and Hermes cast a spell at Percy and Artemis, making them able to hear each other’s thoughts, even though both only have 2 chapters each at the time of typing this. Also, I find it funny that while, Athena is the goddess of wisdom, she is NOT the goddess of intelligence, as many fellow fanfiction writers tend to make her out to be, just a thought. While reading this, it is important to know some things.

This story is purely written for my enjoyment, and I care not if someone wants to tell me that my writing sucks. However, constructive criticism is encouraged, along with complements of course, as I try to read every review that comes in, and by doing so, it allows me to better my writing skills as an author.

Artemis loses a bet with Apollo, and is forced to have a date with someone of her choice. And what if that someone coincidentally happens to be.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Percy and Artemis together. This time with some new friends. Eventual Pertemis Currently T. Little Angel by The-Council-with-Queen-Crimson reviews A War is brewing like no other; The humans have been lead to war against the gods with the technology of the modern day. But is it truly the humans making the call or is it there a puppeteer behind the scenes.

Anemos, Adopted Son of Artemis and Percy, must answer the call to war while struggling with no knowing who or what he truly is. Percy’s Revenge by shadow walker reviews Percy is betrayed by those closest to him, all because his new brother Jack, Percy’s family is murdered by the gods, and Percy is sent to Tartarus but while he’s there he makes a new family and plots his revenge and when he returns the gods will be begging for Tartarus.

Aqua Fortis by keenbeanz reviews Percy has denied godhood for the second time in months, unfortunately for our favorite hero, the Olympians simply won’t take ‘No’ for an answer. Life In Tartarus by Timewalker reviews Percy is betrayed by the gods and camp, he is cast into Tartarus with Artemis for the fear over his powers or so they taught.

My Little Moonlight Chapter 2:All Hail Lord Perseus

Apollo crashed into me and we fell over. Now Annabeth died from a car crash with my mom and Paul I was the only one to survive the crash. Fortunately only one god on the counsel loved me, unfortunately the only one was the one on top of me. Everyone thought I hated Percy even him. But the truth is I love him like Aphrodite loves someone loves Sorry if that’s confusing.

When I see him I just want to kiss him and well possibly more.

Pertemis percy dies fanfiction Jul 09, Harem Hemera Percy x artemis x aphrodite Ch. Percy is dating Annabeth, but finds that she is cheating on him.

Watching people follow their feelings is better then watching tv or etc. Percy was in his cabin as Annabeth came in. They were both 19 now and were still dating. But Percy could feel something horrible was going to happen today. Percy was afraid to ask but he did anyways. Percy’s heart sank so deep that even the underworld seemed like outer space.

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Oh, fanfiction! How I love you, my guilty little pleasure! It is the ultimate outlet for all of my pent-up frustration for What If? For Percy Jackson fans, the official Universe is ever-expanding; there are a plethora of opportunities to explore alternate universes or vignettes between books. Word of warning though: Fanfiction is a slippery slope into a very very deep hole.

Percy was interrupted because Artemis kissed him. They kissed for a long time before she pulled back, smiling. “The answer is yes” she said, still.

Zeus Jupiter – King of the gods and ruler of the sky. God of rain, thunder, lightning,wind, law, oaths and hospitality. Hera Juno – Queen of the gods. Goddess of the sky, women, marriage, childbirth, family, heirs, kings and empires. Poseidon Neptune – God of the sea and rivers, floods and droughts, storms, earthquakes and horses.

Hephaestus Vulcan – God of fire, volcanoes, metalworking, stone masonry, sculpture and crafts. Husband of Aphrodite. Son of Zeus and Hera. Athena Minerva – Goddess of reason, wisdom, intelligence, skill, peace, warfare, battle strategy and handicrafts. Daughter of Zeus and Metis.

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It has been confirmed that he and his boyfriend Will Solace will have a big role in the upcoming book The Tower of Nero In the series, he is the demigod son of Hades and mortal Maria di Angelo. As such, Nico has extraordinary powers of necromancy and the power to command the dead; he is a son of one of the “Big Three” Greek gods , the other two being Hades’ younger brothers Poseidon and Zeus. Nico is chronologically over seventy years old as a result of his prolonged stay in the Lotus Casino in Las Vegas , an enchanted hotel where one does not age and time does not pass at its normal pace.

He was ten years old in the Titans Curse.

Percy Jackson Comic, Artemis and Apollo: Sibling Rivalry Percy Jackson part 1 from the story Fated Love(Percy Jackson Fanfic and Apollo Love Story)✓ by.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pertemis: The love of Percy and Artemis. Founder: TidalMoon – Stories: 32 – Followers: 1 – id: All of his friends are dead and he has nobody to rely on anymore. A certain silver-eyed goddess has lost all of her hunters and her only real family. They will need to find a way to overcome their differences to defeat an ancient threat rising from the Void itself. According to a prophecy, Artemis is forced to marry a man.

Zeus forces her to marry a demigod and to spite him, she decides to marry Percy Jackson. Of course, it couldn’t have been much easier for her to win his heart. Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite. He meets a beautiful goddess in the Olypian meeting and becomes an Olympian. After 5 years, Percy is a director of a camp hidden from the gods and Camp Half-Blood. Artemis has a hunt called ‘Hunters of Artemis’.

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Percy woke up to the sound of the door being kicked off its hinges. When he looked up he saw a pissed off Annabeth rushing towards Sage with a dagger. Malcom is now in charge. Thalia was laughing at her own joke. So welcome them with open arms.

If you’re still looking for some Artemis love, paradoxed has an Artemis/Percy Ship waiting to sail. This one is positively lovely. However, I will warn.

In this story the gods try to make it up to Percy for ruining his first date with Annabeth to let him spend a day with the all powerful gods of Mount Olympus. I don’t think this has ever been done before so please tell me if it has. Do NOT read if you have not read the first story. Percy walked into the throne room of Mount Olympus extremely nervous. He was sweating in places he never thought he could sweat.

What did the gods want with him? He was just a year old demigod who wasn’t even supposed to be born. Percy kept thinking the negative. What if they had summoned him to incinerate? Or what if Ares was granted permission to kill him in front of all of them for entertainment? Or worse: they probably summoned him to dress him up in Aphrodite’s clothes and put on her makeup and perfume to get a good laugh, it would be Hermes’s idea.

In all his nervousness Percy found the courage to walk into the throne room, wearing a confident face. What he saw didn’t really surprise him.

Jack- o-lanterns

Believe what-ever lie your mom or dad told you about your birth, and try to lead a normal life. Percy and Annabeth start dating. She grunt as she hit the ground. She grinned at Percy and Annabeth looked at him to see his heart melting at the sight of blue-tinged teeth. Skip to Content.

Percy jackson fanfiction annabeth gives birth. which he left behind after a date with Aphrodite., Aphrodite, Piper M. Sep 06, · Percy jackson Artemis (​Percy Jackson) (7) Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson) (7) Jason Grace (6) Artemis​.

Readers can read all books for free, without any ads and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. How is it possible to be sad in paradise? Here I am, literally in the most perfect place in the world besides heaven, and yet I am moping? What is wrong with me? All around her, other spirits were actually enjoying themselves, each just happy to have landed here, in Elysium.

The spirits each did the thing that pleased them the most in the world, and altogether it was a beautiful sight. Zoe often loved to just sit here on this rock, or in that tree, or on that bench, and just watch as the people went by. It gave her surprisingly great pleasure. But she supposed that the reason she loved being so vigilant was that it was the best possible reminder of her days as a Hunter of Artemis: always on the lookout, observing the things that usually went unnoticed and that seemed unimportant.

It gave her a sense of purpose, as if she were still in some way useful to the world. She knew it was a pathetic way to spend her time, but she really did enjoy it.


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